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Cherkees are a blend of two delicious snack foods; beef jerky and potato chips. These are NOT beef jerky flavored potato chips. Cherkees are real beef jerky AND potato chips AT THE SAME TIME! Lean beef and crispy potato are finally combined into one crunchy beef jerky flavored chip. These chips are one of a kind and currently unavailable in stores. Cherkees are indeed unusual: very low in fat (a third the fat of potato chips), high in protein, and not fried. Now have all the flavor of beef jerky without the chew! 

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CHOLLIVES!!! For those of you that like green olives, we now offer green olive potato crisps called Chollives that contain real olives. You can order them from our web store

Cherkees will be offered in four flavors (Cracked Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Teriyaki, and Q). Other unique flavors are planned.

Cracked Pepper: The flagship flavor. Definitive black pepper flavor and a slight heat combines with garlic and onion undertones.

Cayenne Pepper: The heat of the spicy red pepper dominates and builds as you eat more.

Teriyaki: No heat but a slight sweetness permeates the overall saltiness of the chip.

Q: Smoky Barbeque flavor, along with a slight heat, accents the other spices.

What's not to like? With each small bag containing lots of lean beef, Cherkees are a great way to get picky eaters to eat protein. High protein Cherkees also make a great survival food!

GLUTEN FREE!! Cherkees are gluten free according to FDA requirements. Our labels indicate that Cherkees contain wheat and soy, however, the amount they contain is WELL under the level that the FDA mandates to consider a product 'gluten free'.

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